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The 125 sqm apartment in Ramat Hasharon is located in a recently renovated apartment building, with newly added balconies. Positioned on the first floor at tree level, it offers a feeling of being nestled within a forest.
The apartment faces north and west, with a large opening leading to one of the balconies, as well as a large window in the main bedroom (formerly a laundry room), facing a magnificent tree.
The need to transform this rectangular 3-bedroom apartment into a 4-bedroom layout was at the core of the renovation.
The new layout has an open kitchen, a living-cum-dining-room, a parental suite and a kids area, which includes a playroom, a bathroom and 3 bedrooms.
The client's fondness of Scandinavian design influenced the apartment's style, inspiring the use of bright white walls and the selection of simple and natural materials, such as an oak herringbone parquet flooring.
In the slightly elevated balcony, the flooring was redone in natural wood, visually extending the living room towards a garden-like exterior.



125 sqm


Noa Bellerstein

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