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Hunter capital is an  underwriter professional firm, that assists companies throughout their process of initial public offering for listing on a stock exchange in Tel Aviv.

The design process was initiated by the program elaborated by the client and by the beautiful urban skyline, seen from the 15th floor of this space.

All the working room are organized around a public space, a sort of a non-official reception area that allows also socializing and flexible working.

The objectives were to provide a modern and cozy working environment for the company employees,

while presenting a fine and professional allure to the visiting clients.

A dark oak parquet flooring provides this warm residential feel, while a black color was chosen for the frames of the glass partitions, the cabinets and  the working stations, creating a bold impression of quality and credibility. 

Timeless furniture and lighting fixtures were carefully selected to match with the elegant design concept.

Architecture, design & styling:  Arch. Nurit Gil

Technical plans & supervision: Arch. Nurit Gil in collaboration with arch. Roni Toledano


160 sqm

Yanai Ditch

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