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This 65 sqm apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv was designed with a new internal division of functions, as the addition of a new elevator created two separate entrances. This challenge enabled a total revision of the floor plan, creating a spacious feeling and allowing maximum penetration of light and greenery. The main inspiration was the picturesque tree view from the eastern window. This pleasant forest-like view generated the entire layout, as it directed the placement of the living room.

The new layout presents an open space living room with a dining area and an open kitchen, as well as one bedroom. A second multi-purpose room is connected to the living room by two opposite sliding doors concealed in recesses, allowing the two adjacent rooms to be easily transformed into a single, cozy and spacious-feeling space. Within the budget constraint, priorities were taken in order to allow the incorporation of natural materials, such as oak herringbone parquet flooring, plywood custom-made carpentry elements in the kitchen and bathroom, and black terrazzo flooring with white classic porcelain wall tiles in the bathroom.   The use of natural materials, as well as the color choices, was intended to create an atmosphere that is both joyful and tender.




65 sqm


Nurit Gil


Alona Rosenberg & Nurit Gil

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